March 24th, 2020

COVID-19: Benchmarking how diagnostics companies are featured in the media

COVID-19 has been the hottest topic for the past couple of months, and diagnostics companies are key players in the battle against the virus. There is more media coverage now about diagnostics companies, big or small, than in recent times. With the rush to find a faster diagnostic test or a vaccine, the world wants to know what the industry is doing to keep up with the pandemic. Using our media monitoring platform Meltwater, we benchmarked a few companies to compare their presence in print and online media.

The below graphic shows the Share of Voice over the past seven days. This provides insight into how much media coverage one company gets relative to its competition.

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Over the past seven days, Cepheid took up over half the total coverage thanks to their 45-minute test for COVID-19 hitting the headlines. Why was this so widely reported on? Because it is easy for the public to understand “45-minute test”, and simple data and numbers are compelling to journalists. Currently, people are waiting up to five days for a test in Australia, so this breakthrough is inviting some positive news in a currently negative news landscape.

Roche Diagnostics did well also, as they shipped over 95,000 COVID-19 tests to Australia earlier this week, which made the news through a number of print and online outlets.

Let’s look at the below graphic to see how this media coverage trended over the past week. This graph shows the Media Exposure, which is the total number of pieces of news content featuring the chosen companies.

  • Cepheid featured significantly in the media across Australia and New Zealand on 22nd March. Their 45-minute diagnostic test for COVID-19 made the headlines and over 150 news print and online articles mentioned the test.
  • Hologic’s media coverage spike took place earlier last week. The widely shared news story concerned the recent purchase of three “Panthers” by the Queensland’s Government. The Panther® Scalable Solutions will be used in pathology laboratories around Toowoomba to detect COVID-19. This laboratory system conducts assays and runs tests on samples.
  • Roche Diagnostics did well at the start of the week. This is due to the news that 97,000 testing kits were being shipped to Australia.


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