April 21st, 2022

86% of voters support manufacturing medical tests in Australia

A new survey carried out by London Agency in conjunction with Pathology Technology Australia has found 86% of the public support establishing sovereign manufacturing of medical tests.

New policy and funding settings could see Australia become a centre of excellence and exporter of modern, fit for purpose diagnostics. Products made, sold and TGA registered here would have good market appeal in the Asia Pacific region and globally.

Competitive settings for diagnostics, would benefit not just local manufacturers, but also attract multinational companies to potentially develop and manufacture technology in Australia.

Due to the recent global conflict and supply chain constraints across the world, the risks from Australia’s over-reliance on imports of goods and services, especially in the healthcare domain have become clearer.

As Australians saw in 2021, the country was exposed to the global demand for critical medical supplies such as vaccines and rapid antigen tests.

A political shift towards a renewed focus on sovereign manufacturing has since occurred, evidenced by Labor’s pledge of $15 billion fund to support the manufacturing sector in Australia.  This includes a $1.3 billion Modern Manufacturing initiative, which targets areas includes medical products.

The Coalition has also shifted its strategic agenda in the recent 2022-2023 federal budget with more focus on Australian research and manufacturing capabilities and the protection of commercial IP.

National survey and polling


Pathology Technology Australia and London Agency have analysed these trends and wanted to see if they matched up with sentiment among Australian voters.

 One method useful during campaigns is political surveys and polling. Polling can help gauge public sentiment on a given topic, which can influence the parliamentary policy agenda.

 On March 31-April 4, 2022, our national political survey in the Resolve Political Monitor indicated bipartisan support for Australian medical manufacturing investment, with 86 per cent of all voters in support, which included LNP voters in 95 per cent and ALP at 87 per cent. Marginal Seats and Uncommitted voters were in support of investment of federal investment, with 86 per cent and 89 per cent respectively.

The concern for medical test supplies, impacted by global conflict, the pandemic and transport costs was at 71 per cent for all voters in total concern, with 75 per cent of ALP voters and 71 per cent of LNP voters concerned about medical test supplies.

What does this mean?


Bipartisan concern for testing supplies and overwhelming support for investment for sovereign capabilities indicates a strong opportunity for medical companies embarking on government affairs campaigns.

Dean Whiting, CEO of Pathology Technology Australia, said:

“It is PTA’s hope that Australia invests in sovereign supply of critical medical tests, while creating high-skilled and high-tech jobs and boosting the economy. South Korea is a comparable economy that does manufacture diagnostics and exports globally. In 2020 it exported $1.86b of infectious disease tests.”

If this data interests you, please get in touch with the Director of London Agency John Emmerson for the full findings.

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