June 28th, 2022

Issues management matters: rebuilding after a crisis

In the aftermath of a crisis, there will be a sense of relief, particularly if you have followed the advice we covered previously in the series (anticipate, prepare, respond).

Next, it’s time to look at rebuilding brand reputation. This is a lengthy process that involves multiple tactics. The tactics you employ will depend on the nature of the crisis that has taken place. Our team can help by tailoring a unique issues management plan for your business.

For the purposes of this blog post, we have broken it down into four steps.

1. Assess the damage

By this stage, you should have the tools in place for tracking brand sentiment, media mentions and social media engagement. Use those tools to now review the main negative comments made about your business during the crisis. Highlight anything that could have a lasting effect. Assess if any negative sentiment has stuck by reading the latest media coverage that mentions your business. The results from your assessment will inform your next steps.

2. Focus on the good

Was there any positive media coverage and social media engagement during the crisis? For example, a prominent figure may have congratulated your efforts for solving an issue, the media could have praised how fast the company acted to make a wrong a right again. Share this positive feedback with your team internally to boost morale.


Crisis response


3. Come back even bigger

It’s time to up the ante, and charge forward with renewed intention and fresh perspective. Begin by conducting customer research. You might not like everything you hear but the insights will inform your overall marketing and communications plan. The goal is to win any lost customers back and wow prospects. Use these new insights to go hard on advertising and earned media.

4. Have an internal review

Your best teacher is your last mistake. Review how well the crisis management plan was implemented. Highlight any improvements that need to be made. Decide how you will move forward to get ready for the next time a crisis hits. Sorry, but it is bound to happen!


Be prepared and schedule a meeting with our team to learn how London Agency can help with your crisis management strategy.










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