March 26th, 2020

Protect your business leaders with media training

The COVID-19 pandemic has thrust many diagnostics companies into the spotlight that usually expect little media attention. Journalists nonetheless are approaching IVD manufacturers and distributors on coronavirus testing stories, although your organisation may not be seeking out media interest. This presents a growing reputation and business risk.

Do you know how you would respond if this text message came through on your phone?

“Hi, I’m from The Guardian, we’re running a story about your company and we’re giving you the opportunity to comment. I need a response in the next hour.”

Not engaging is not an option. The journalist will still publish the story, however the sentiment will probably be worse than if you participated. When you are watching the news and the presenter says “The company was approached for comment”, has that story been overly favourable for the company? I can’t think of many.

Media training your company’s leaders can help reduce this business risk. Read more here.

Media training means they are better prepared to deliver a message that represents your company, are ready to answer difficult questions, or deal with a journalist turning up unannounced asking for comment.

The risk of being ill-prepared for media enquiries not only represents reputational and commercial risk (oh, is that all?!!), it is a wasted opportunity to tell your story and shine a light on the brilliant work your company is doing in difficult and uncertain circumstances.

At London Agency we provide services to help your organisation navigate the media, including media training. Sessions cover:

  • What makes news and what journalists want
  • How to handle difficult questions
  • Quotable key messages
  • How to prepare for different types of interview
  • Presentation techniques to deliver a message

Training can be provided remotely and completed outside of normal business hours.

Get in touch at [email protected] for more information or book a session here.

Remember: “no comment” is still a comment, however it is not a very good one.

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