April 13th, 2021

Five MPs with an interest in health to consider for your political engagement

Whether it’s influencing policy development or funding for new treatments, political engagement is critical for change in the health sector.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, health has taken centre stage in politics and steps taken to control the virus have dramatically influenced our freedoms. 

Health-conscious politicians transcend party lines, and although philosophies may differ,  there is a shared goal of delivering a strong healthcare system for the Australian public.

They may be part of joint committees or parliamentary groups that champion causes and help influence policy change. They may be a frequent attendee to health events in Parliament House. It is essential to know who is influential in politics and who to engage in your next advocacy campaign.

The following politicians are a handful of health advocates in Australia and should be considered in your political engagement strategy.

Dr Fiona Martin

Dr Fiona Martin is a Liberal Member of Reid who was elected in 2019. She has a doctorate in psychology and has treated individuals with Autism spectrum disorder throughout her career, and has also been part of life-changing work with Camp Quality. Dr Martin is currently a member of the Standing Committee on Health, Aged Care and Sport and Social Policy and Legal Affairs committees that are important for health and social change. She is on the House Select Committee on Mental Health and Suicide Prevention. She has recently been vocal about embedding consent education into the school curriculum, supported by federal cabinet minister Darren Chester. The latter wrote an opinion piece about consent for The Age.

Bridget Archer

Bridget Archer is a Liberal Party Member for Bass in Tasmania. She was elected in 2019. She is a current member of the Standing Committee on Health, Aged Care and Sport, and Legal Affairs and Regional Australia Committees.  The Member for Bass has been a fierce advocate for women’s rights and women’s health. Mrs Archer is currently leading the parliamentary discourse around changing societal and institutional treatment towards women. And has been an advocate on preventative measures in Mental Health and recently supported a Royal Commission on suicide in the Australian Defence force.

 Tony Zappia

Mr Zappia is a Labor Party member for Makin in South Australia. He was elected to parliament in 2007 and is currently on the Standing Committee on Health, Aged Care and Sport and Regional Australia committees. He is part of the Joint statutory committee on Public Works (Deputy Chair) and has spent much of his time supporting eczema in Australia, and is known for his advocacy for improved medical treatment in regional areas.

 Trent Zimmerman

Trent Zimmerman is a Liberal Party Member for North Sydney in NSW. He was elected in 2015; Mr Zimmerman is a member of Epilepsy Action Australia and is the current Chairman of the Standing Committee on Health, Aged Care and Sport. Mr Zimmerman was recently an advocate for equal representation of women in the Liberal Party and has also been outspoken for the health sector to be stricter on approval processes for new drugs and medical innovations. Mr Zimmerman was a key media representative during the COVID-19 pandemic around quarantine protocols and the need to continue to trust health experts. He is often one of the go-to spokespeople on reports, inquiries, and parliament updates around the sector. 

Steve Georganas

Mr Georganas is a Labor Party Member for Adelaide, South Australia. He has been in and out of the house of representatives since 2004 and has lived in Adelaide his whole life with an array of experience in various industries. Mr Georganas is currently on the Standing Committee on Health, Aged care and Sport and since 2004 has been on many committees focused on health. He has long advocated for aged care and has fought against big corporations that have been detrimental to health outcomes. He often attends health-related parliamentary events and has been outspoken in pushing for experts evaluating health-related outcomes, not politicians.

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