October 27th, 2021

Why would a medtech company use TikTok?

TikTok has quickly become one of the world’s most popular social media platforms, with viral video content being shared daily, from dancing challenges to home renovation, and everything in between. Just last month, the video platform revealed it had amassed 1 billion users worldwide, more than twice the number of Twitter users.

And whilst the platform makes sense for consumer brands from Nike to Ocean Spray, surely it’s not appropriate for medtech companies, or maybe it is…?

If your target market falls between the ages of 12 and 65, the answer is that your brand should be on TikTok.

Healthcare Professionals on TikTok


In recent times, healthcare professionals such as doctors, nurses and dentists, have taken to TikTok to share informative and educational health-related videos with the public. Many of these videos have gone viral, accumulating thousands of views and high user engagement.

The public finds health content relatable and can absorb helpful information from quick and explanatory videos shared on the platform.

Healthcare professionals are sharing health-related content such as:




It’s important to remember that the internet is a place without many rules and regulations, so essentially, any person could post a health-related video online without it being factually correct. This is why it is important for healthcare professionals and companies to ensure their content is credible.

Out of the examples listed above, two out of the four healthcare professionals have been officially verified by TikTok as legitimate doctors with a blue tick. A blue tick or ‘verified badge’ means that TikTok has confirmed the account belongs to the user it represents. Getting your brand’s TikTok account verified provides credibility for consumers.


Benefits of Healthcare Professionals using TikTok


According to research done into ‘Social Media and Health Care Professionals: Benefits, Risks, and Best Practices’, there are five benefits for healthcare professionals utilising social media for professional use:


  1. To improve health outcomes
  2. To develop their professional network
  3. To increase personal awareness of news and discoveries
  4. To motivate patients
  5. To provide health information to the community


TikTok for Medtech Companies and Brands


So, if healthcare professionals around the world are using TikTok to connect with the public and educate them on health-related matters, how can medtech companies get involved?

1.   Answer Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Create FAQ videos about your medical device or technology.

Example: Videos outlining how often medical devices should be replaced.


2.   Demonstrate


Create ‘How-to’ and demonstration videos, showing consumers how to use your product.

Example: Videos demonstrating how to apply or use a medical product or device.


3.   Educate & inform


Create educational videos around your area of healthcare expertise. Inform and educate the public.

Example: If you sell a medical device, provide educational videos on the medical condition and how to get the best use out of the device, while ensuring you remain within TGA advertising guidelines.


TikTok’s popularity in Australia 


In addition to TikTok rising in popularity around the world, the vide0-content app has climbed in app popularity in Australia too. TikTok is currently the 10th most downloaded Apple store app in the country, surpassing popular apps such as Snapchat, Netflix and Google.

TikTok is growing at a rapid rate. Since launching just five years ago in 2016, the social media platform is the fastest growing social media network in existence. Medtech companies should take advantage of this important opportunity.

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