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Raising the profile and adoption of a superior cervical cancer test

In 2017, the Australian government introduced a major change in cervical cancer screening, moving from a manual test that involved trained professionals searching for cancerous or precancerous cells, to genetic tests that search for evidence of cervical cancer causing viruses from the HPV family.

Beautiful Design

Video Storytelling

Genera Biosystems’ PapType was one of the genetic tests available, offering more detailed information than its competitors.

This additional information allows doctors to better understand the risk of developing cervical cancer, providing increased reassurance to women with low-risk HPV types, monitoring for those with medium-risk, and facilitating aggressive treatment for those with high-risk infections.

The commercial aim was to build PapType’s profile among potential partner companies, that might incorporate the test onto their existing test platforms and roll out into pathology laboratories.

London Agency developed materials to build uptake among laboratories.

These included a series of videos, animated and with Key Opinion Leaders, to explain the test and how it is superior to its competitors.