Rapid influenza testing

Explaining how this test can revolutionise hospital emergency departments

Hospitals are increasingly vulnerable to severe flu seasons. During winter flu seasons hospital Emergency Departments can swiftly become clogged with patients presenting with flu symptoms who cannot be discharged to the wards or quarantined until a definitive flu diagnosis is made. It normally takes anywhere from 7–8 hours to diagnose influenza. Waiting for laboratory test results can lead to bed crises and bring hospitals to a standstill.

Video Storytelling

Cross-media Campaigns

Cepheid’s new molecular diagnostic test can reduce diagnosis time to under an hour; a significant transformation, but not well-known outside of the laboratory.

London Agency produced a high impact user case video designed for decision-makers in hospitals and public health policymakers.

This audience would be unfamiliar with laboratory testing, but they are interested in the operational outcomes that the technology could deliver for their hospital.

The video case study from a busy Victorian hospital features comment from the Emergency Department, Operations and the pathology laboratory.

The video case study has been promoted across the hospital’s social media channels and has been an effective business development tool for Cepheid to showcase the revolutionary impact of their rapid flu technology.

Rapid influenza testing