Got a worrying symptom? Don’t Wait Mate!

It’s no surprise that so many of us have decided to put health checks on hold. Symptoms that lie outside the domain of COVID-19 have been largely ignored.

If there are no signs of a fever, dry cough, sore throat or loss of sense of smell and taste then it is understandable that people haven’t been paying attention to other symptoms that might be creeping up. No matter how significant they are.

That’s according to data released by the Continuity of Care Collaboration (CCC).

The CCC is one of a kind unification comprised of over 35 consumer healthcare organisations, peak bodies and healthcare industry names. This week the CCC announced the Don’t Wait Mate campaign in response to the dramatic drop in numbers engaging with their healthcare providers.

The purpose of the Don’t Wait Mate campaign is to raise awareness of the importance of continuing regular healthcare and to ensure that Australians feel safe and confident to access care during the pandemic.

Social media success


The campaign has been making waves across social media. For the first time, healthcare organisations that ordinarily would not need to be aligned, have come together to spread the message that no matter what healthcare issue you are having, there is no time like the present to see your healthcare provider. You can watch the uplifting campaign video here.

Government support for Don’t Wait Mate


The CCC’s efforts have garnered the support of government representatives. Many have taken to social media to spread the important message to their constituents through videos and posts carrying #DontWaitMate.

Patients show their support for Don’t Wait Mate


Patients living with chronic illnesses during the pandemic have also voiced their support for the campaign. Jessica Bean, founder of Health from the Heart, worked with a number of other patient advocates to create an inspiring #DontWaitMate video.

In the news


The all-important #DontWaitMate message has also been hitting the headlines across the media this week. CCC representatives have been interviewed by national titles and radio stations.

There is no denying the potential devastating effects that may occur if Australians continue to miss vital health checks.

Take MP Jason Clare for example. His life would be very different now if he hadn’t gone for that all-important skin check this time last year. Mr Clare said: ‘Around this time last year, I noticed a mole on my leg was changing colour. I went and got a skin check. The mole was removed, and the pathology test revealed it was a malignant melanoma. I was lucky. We got it early. If I didn’t have that test the cancer could have spread to the rest of my body. Getting tested saved my life.’

The campaign has received ample exposure both online and in the media. We hope this means that the key message rings through. Receiving healthcare is safe, you are permitted to do so, and getting that health check could save your life. So, what are you waiting for?

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