Let your imagination run wild: video marketing using animation

2020 has changed the way in which we operate in more ways than one. No matter what industry you belong to, we have all had to adapt and embrace digital solutions to everyday problems.

When it comes to communicating with your customers or clients, there’s no denying the power of video marketing. Information told through video is the preferred form of communication for many consumers. That is why it should undoubtedly be part of your company’s marketing strategy.

The rise of visual storytelling


One element that has risen in popularity since COVID-19 restrictions have come into existence, is the art of storytelling through animation.

Cartoons aren’t just for kids anymore. Beautifully designed animations can play a pivotal role in your inbound marketing strategy. Attracting, engaging and delighting existing and potential customers along the different touch points of the consumer journey.

In this blog article we are going to tell you why you should consider animation in your next brand communications activity.

Four reasons to consider animation


1. Actors

Sometimes the trickiest element is casting the best person to represent your company and brand. Be it an external paid actor or a person from within the business, it can be a difficult decision to make and can take a lot of time. Add sourcing masks and ensuring social distancing is in place and you’ve got yourself a stressful mixture of elements to manage. Using animation eliminates this headache. You can create exactly the type of character you want to play a part in your storytelling activities, tell them exactly what you want them to say and never have to meet them in person. The best part? No temperamental personalities to tackle.

2. Location

Oftentimes a large part of the content creation budget goes on location. The time it takes to visit each possible location, arrange props, catering, and transport, it can eat into budgets and schedules. Not to mention ensuring the chosen location is in keeping with the current COVID-19 guidelines. With animation you can create any location you have ever dreamed of. Let your imagination run wild!

3. Abstract products and services

Does your company deal in cloud based technologies? Is the medical device you’re launching complex? Animation is the best way to communicate abstract and difficult to understand concepts. Take it from the experts over at HubSpot. Their easy to digest explainer on artificial intelligence is the perfect example of how animation can simplify information for your target audience.

4. The possibilities are endless

When it comes to animation the possibilities really are endless. No matter what your budget is, there is an animation out there for you, waiting to be created. With new advancements in design technology, 3D animation is now possible. Bringing the real world closer than ever before. You also have the ability to change and update existing animated videos. It is almost impossible to make significant updates and changes to live action videos once they have been finalised. With animation you can pop in a new piece of creative or update an existing one quite easily.


Animation is a great choice to consider when planning your next video marketing activities. But don’t let it limit you, no rule says you have to pick one or the other.

Sometimes live action can add a touch of personality and relatability to your brand video. If a full animated video doesn’t sound right for you, look at ways in which you can use both to get your message across.

You can use motion graphics in a live-action video, or screencast in an animated video, or all of those styles together. The main priority is making sure the target audience understands your message, and that it is delivered to them in the easiest way possible.

Read our blog article for further information on transforming your brand communications.

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